Safety Net

Our Safety Nets made by PP / Polyester / Nylon, with Knotted or Unknotted


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15-30 Days
100 PCS Per Item


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Product Parameters

DiameterMesh Size ColorMaterial
mmIn mmIn mm\\
1.010.0mmx10.0mm125.0mmx125.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
1.515.0mmx15.0mm130.0mmx130.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
2.020.0mmx20.0mm140.0mmx140.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
2.525.0mmx25.0mm150.0mmx150.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
3.030.0mmx30.0mm160.0mmx160.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
3.535.0mmx35.0mm180.0mmx180.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
4.040.0mmx40.0mm190.0mmx190.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
5.045.0mmx45.0mm200.0mmx200.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
6.050.0mmx50.0mm210.0mmx210.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
8.055.0mmx55.0mm220.0mmx220.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
10.060.0mmx60.0mm230.0mmx230.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
12.065.0mmx65.0mm240.0mmx240.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
14.070.0mmx70.0mm250.0mmx250.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
16.080.0mmx80.0mm260.0mmx260.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
18.085.0mmx85.0mm270.0mmx270.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
20.090.0mmx90.0mm280.0mmx280.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
22.095.0mmx95.0mm290.0mmx290.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
24.0100.0mmx100.0mm300.0mmx300.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
26.0105.0mmx105.0mm350.0mmx350.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
28.0110.0mmx110.0mm400.0mmx400.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon
30.0120.0mmx120.0mm500.0mmx500.0mmWhie / BlackPP / Polyester /Nylon


Exploring the Diverse Effects of Safety Nets

Safety nets have diverse applications across various fields due to their versatility and durability. In transportation, they secure and organize cargo, ensuring safe transit. In construction, they protect workers and equipment from falls and debris. In sports, safety nets prevent injuries by catching players or equipment. Agriculture benefits from safety nets in protecting crops and livestock. The military uses them for safety and cargo management, while the automotive industry relies on them for load security. Additionally, safety nets are crucial in household settings for child and pet safety, highlighting their importance in maintaining safety and organization across multiple sectors.


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Years of professional OEM experience to meet customised needs. Fill in the
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