double grommet slings

Our double grommet slings made of UHMWPE or Spectra® fiber, cover special jackets. They are lighter, stronger, and safer than wire rope.


Delivery Time:
15-30 Days
100 PCS Per Item


What They Do

The New Synthetic Lines Ara.

Our synthetic rope double grommet sling is designed to be slimmer while offering a higher Working Load Limit (WLL). Each sling features a full-length, floating (not sewn) protective sleeve, ensuring maximum protection against damage and wear, while also allowing for safety inspections of the rope underneath. Additionally, a special braid guard at the center provides extended life. These double grommet slings are super strong and versatile, available in four sizes to meet your specific needs. Choose between Eye and Eye style or Endless loop style to suit your application.

Our Advantages

Over Other Types Slings

Over Metal Shackle


Product Parameters

Rope DiameterWorking Load(Spectra® Fiber)Colour
103/85,900 lbs(2,680 kg)4,700 lbs(2,140 kg)11,800 lbs(5,360 kg)ANY
131/210,300 lbs(4,680 kg)8,200 lbs(3,730 kg)20,600 lbs(9,360 kg)ANY
165/816,900 lbs7,680kg)13,500 lbs(6,140 kg)33,900 lbs(15,360 kg)ANY
183/422,600 lbs(10,280 kg)18,000 lbs(8,180 kg)45,200 lbs(20,560 kg)ANY
227/829,400 lbs(13,360 kg)23,500 lbs(6,605 kg)58,800 lbs(26,720 kg)ANY


Double Grommet Sling Usage

Grommet slings are essential tools in various industries due to their exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. These slings are specifically designed for heavy lifting tasks in construction sites, factories, and shipyards, where they help move and position large materials such as steel beams and concrete slabs. In the marine industry, grommet slings are used for mooring, towing, and lifting heavy equipment and cargo on ships and docks. Their robust construction makes them ideal for handling the demanding environments of oil and gas fields, where they lift and transport heavy machinery and materials on offshore platforms and in oilfields.

Additionally, grommet slings find significant applications in mining operations, utility work, and manufacturing plants. They are employed to lift and move heavy machinery, utility poles, transformers, and raw materials. In the transport and logistics sector, grommet slings facilitate the loading and unloading of heavy goods and materials. They are also crucial in rescue operations, where their strength is needed to lift or pull heavy debris or vehicles. With features like high working load limits, protective sleeves, and extended lifespan, grommet slings provide reliable performance and safety for the most demanding lifting tasks.


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